Legal Resources Toolkit

 Guidance Memos

Reminder of New Zero Tolerance Offense - Issued 7/24/2023

Revised Conditions for the Use of Corporal Punishment - Issued 7/17/2023

Student Transportation Vehicles & Licensure Requirements for Non-public Schools - Issued 5/1/2023

Commissioner of Education’s Obligation to Enforce State Law and State Board of Education Rule - Issued 4/17/2017

Data Accessibility, Transparency, and Accountability Act of 2014 - Issued 2/11/2015

Funding Students Education in Court-Ordered Day Treatment Facilities (T.C.A. § 49-3-308) - Issued 10/31/2018

Lead in Drinking Water - Issued 12/13/2018

New Laws Regarding Teacher Ethics and Teacher Misconduct - July 2018 - Issued 7/30/2018

Reminder of Department of Children’s Services (DCS) Background Check Requirements - Issued 7/28/2014

Procedures for LEAs for Reporting Cases of Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect and Training Requirements - Issued 10/11/2022

Safety for DCS Staff - Issued 10/11/2017

Retired Educator Reemployment - Issued 10/10/2022

Teacher's Discipline Act - Issued 10/10/2022

Guidance on 17-Year-Old Students Attending Adult Education Programs - Issued 6/29/2016

FAQs and Other Guidance Documents

Family Leave for Birth or Placement of Child Guidance - Revised June 2024

Frequently Asked Question: Back to School Legal Guidance- Revised July 2023

Display, Observance, and Care for Flags on School Property

Guidance on 17-Year-Old Students Attending Adult Education Programs – Services for Minors - Issued 8/5/2020

Legally-Required Trainings for Local Education Agencies – Revised June 2022

Prohibited Concepts in Instruction Complaint Procedures - Revised April 2023

Public School Fees – Revised May 2022

Remote Learning Drills - Issued November 2022

Rights of Teachers Dismissed Under the Tennessee Teacher Tenure Law

State Statutory Rights of Parents and Students - Revised November 2022

Teacher Tenure Law - Revised April 2021