Tennessee Archaeological Advisory Council

Meeting Details: (Revised 05/23/2024)

No meeting scheduled for June 2024
Meetings are generally scheduled for January of each calendar year.

Board Characteristics

The Archaeological Advisory Council is charged with the duty to advise the commissioner of the Department of Environment and Conservation and the State Archaeologist on all matters of policy related to the activities of the Division of Archaeology and to the employment of professional personnel. Members of the Council are appointed by the Governor to overlapping five-year terms. The Council’s composition reflects the diversity encouraged on state boards including: a member of the public, three members of a racial minority, and five women.

Members include:

  • Five anthropologists representing the University of Tennessee, University of Memphis, Vanderbilt University, Middle Tenessee State University and East Tennessee State University;
  • One representative from the Tennessee Historical Commission;
  • One representative from a recognized archaeological association in Tennessee;
  • Three members of Native American descent and representative of the Native American community in Tennessee;
  • One member from the public at large.

Commissioned under T.C.A. 11-6-103.

The statute authorizing this board expires June 30, 2028 and the one-year wind-down period begins.

Member Term Expires Representation
Dr. David Dye, Vice Chair 06-30-2025 University of Memphis
Charles Robinson 06-30-2025 Native American Community
Jan Simek 06-30-2023 University of Tennessee
J. Lauren Webb 06-30-2023 Public-at-Large
Cindy Yahola 06-30-2023 Native American Community
Jeremy Kaunisto 06-30-2022 Native American Community
Dr. Kevin Smith, Chair
06-30-2022 Middle Tennessee State University
Betsey Robinson 06-30-2022 Vanderbilt University
Georgia Dennis 12-31-2022 Archaeological Association
Ann Toplovich 12-31-2022 Tennessee Historical Commission
Chris Widga 06-30-2026 East Tennessee State University

Past Meetings

Phil Hodge
State Archaeologist & Director
Tennessee Division of Archaeology

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