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Tennessee Board of Water Quality, Oil & Gas

Meeting Details: (Revised 11/15/19)

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October 2019 Board Meeting Materials

April 2019 Board Meeting Materials

April Agenda

Video of Board Meeting

October 2018 Board Meeting Materials:

•  Agenda

Chapter 0400-40-03 and 0400-40-04 2018 Amendments

Chapter 0400-40-03 and 0400-40-04 2018 Amendments Redline

Chapter 0400-40-07 2018 Amendments

Chapter 0400-40-07 2018 Amendments Redline

Oil and Gas Program 2019 Amendments

Oil and Gas Program 2018 Amendments Redline

October 16 Board Meeting Video File

October 17 Board Meeting Video File

April 2018 Board Meeting materials:


2019 Meeting Dates

 2018 Meeting Dates

February 19
April 16-17
June 18
August 20
October 15-16
December 17

February 20-21
April 17-18 Bi-annual meeting
June 19-20 Canceled
August 21-22 Canceled
October 16-17 Bi-annual meeting
December 18-19


Board Characteristics

Twelve members: nine citizen members appointed by the Governor for four-year terms and three ex-officio.

Members include

  • Department of Environment and Conservation;
  • Department of Health;
  • Department of Agriculture;
  • one person representing the public-at-large;
  • one person representing environmental interests;
  • one person representing counties;
  • one person representing agricultural interests;
  • one person representing municipalities of the state;
  • a small generator of water pollution representing automotive interests;
  • one member representing manufacturing industries and has current full-time employment with a manufacturing concern in Tennessee and holds a college degree in engineering or the equivalent, and has at least eight (8) years of combined technical training and experience in NPDES permit compliance and management of wastewater or water treatment facilities;
  • one member representing the oil and gas industry;
  • one member representing oil or gas property owners.

Commissioned under T.C.A. Section 69-3-104.

The statute authorizing this board expires June 30, 2023 and the one-year wind-down period begins.


Term Expires


Dr. Gary G. Bible 09-30-2019 Oil & Gas Industry
Elaine Boyd Ex-Officio Commissioner's Designee, Department of Environment and Conservation
James W. Cameron, III 09-30-2022 Small Generator of Water Pollution representing Automotive Interests
Terry Wimberley 09-30-2022 Municipalities
Mayor Kevin Davis 09-30-2021 Counties
Derek Gernt 09-30-2019 Oil or Gas Property Owner
C. Monty Halcomb 09-30-2020 Environmental Interests
Charlie Johnson 09-30-2020 Public-at-large
Judy Manners Ex-Officio Commissioner's Designee, Department of Health
John McClurkan Ex-Officio Commissioner's Designee, Department of Agriculture
Frank McGinley 09-30-2022 Agricultural Interests
D. Anthony Robinson 09-30-2019 Manufacturing Industry


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