Solid Waste Management

The permitting staff of the Solid Waste Program assist applicants in determining whether financial assurance is required for their facilities and in what amount. The total required depends on many site-specific factors but is generally based on an estimate of the amount necessary to completely or partially close the facility at any point during its intended operating life and to provide for proper care of the site after final closure is completed. After the required amount is determined, the staff of the Division of Financial Assurance & Business Process Improvement work with permittees to ensure that they select a financial assurance mechanism that meets state requirements.

The following financial assurance mechanisms are allowed by the Division of Solid Waste. Please click on the links below for the language required by the division. The financial institution/surety should use the language in the files to issue an original instrument on the institution's letterhead or in its standard instrument format.

Letter of Credit

Surety Bond

Financial Test/Corporate Guarantee

Insurance Policy

Personal Bond

Trust Agreement

City and County Contracts

Note: The instrument language is provided here as a convenience. Please consult with your legal counsel and the TDEC Division of Financial Assurance & Business Process Improvement before submitting a financial instrument.