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State Programs for the Tennessee Historical Commission

The Courier

The Courier is the newsletter of the Tennessee Historical Commission. It is issued every June, October, and February. It contains a feature article on some aspect of Tennessee History, news of interest about THC business, information about historical markers, new publications, and more. View current and past issues.

State Historic Sites

State Historic Sites represent some of Tennessee's most important historic places, including Alex Haley House Museum & Interpretive Center, Carter House,  and Sam Houston Schoolhouse. Read more about the location, hours, and brief history of each property.

Historical Markers Program

One of the most visible programs of the THC is the Historical Markers Program. This program, which began in  the late 1940s, has erected almost 2000 markers commemorating sites, persons, and events significant in Tennessee history.

Tennessee Wars Commission

The Tennessee Wars Commission coordinates the planning, preservation, and promotion of structures, buildings, sites, and battlefields of Tennessee associated with the French and Indian War, American Revolutionary War, War of 1812, U.S.-Mexican War, and the Civil War.