Non-Title V Annual Fees

(True Minor and Conditional Major Sources)

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Disclaimer: The information found on this page is current as of April 3, 2018. If any differences exist between the information on this page and the effective Tennessee Comprehensive Rules and Regulations, the Tennessee Comprehensive Rules and Regulations take precedence.

Non-Title V Source Annual Emission Fees

Non-Title V annual fees are required from sources that have allowable emissions of less than 100 tons of each criteria pollutant/year, less than 10 tons/year of a single hazardous air pollutant, and less than 25 tons per year of a combination of hazardous air pollutants (true minor and conditional major sources). The current non-Title V fee rate is $18.75 per ton of allowable emissions.

Conditional Major Permit Review Fees

The services we provide to ensure conditional major sources are operating below the major source emission thresholds are assessed as a conditional major permit review fee.  The technical services provided include, but are not limited to, permit writing with source-specific emission thresholds and compliance conditions, source inspections, and the review of annual reports to ensure compliance with conditional major requirements.  

Allowable Tons Per Year Review Fee
50.1-100 TPY
100.1-250 TPY
250.1 and up


2020 Fee Analysis Materials
User Guiding (coming) Workbook

Stakeholder Webinars/Meetings

Stakeholder meeting are done via WebEx webinar. Click here for instructions on how to access WebEx.

Date Time Topic Meeting Number Meeting Password Materials
April 18 1:30 pm non-Title V fee Kickoff Webinar
645 553 550
April 26 9:30 am Repeat non-Title V Kickoff Webinar 647 026 899
May 9 1:30 pm non-Title V 2nd Webinar - (postponed)
May 25 9:00 am non-Title V 2nd Webinar - (rescheduled)
312 310 946 
June 15 9:30 am non-Title V fee 3rd Webinar
645 823 411 
Face-to-Face Meetings 
Date Time Topic Meeting Location
June 18 9:00 am non-Title V Fee Public Meeting - Jackson Jackson EFO
June 20 9:00 am non-Title V Fee Public Meeting - Knoxville
Knoxville EFO
June 22 9:00 am non-Title V Fee Public Meeting - Nashville
Nashville EFO

Fee Rules & Revisions

Proposed Development Plan

APC is considering several different methods to increase fee collections Some possible methods are:

  •     Increases to construction permit fees that would affect new facilities or expansions at existing facilities
  •     Increases  to the conditional major review fee
  •     Establishment of a “base” annual emission fee and/or a minimum annual emission fee for non-Title V sources (Title     V sources already pay base and minimum annual fees and a higher dollar per ton fee)

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has withdrawn the proposed Title V and Non-title V fee rules discussed at the September 2018 board meeting.