2019 Energy Education Camp and Workshop

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OEP hosted three Energy Education Camps for K-12 Educators in 2019. The sessions kicked off at Cumberland Mountain State Park from June 18-20, next was Roan Mountain State Park from June 18-20, and wrapped up at Natchez Trace State Park from July 17-19 . The three-day camps provided educators with information and resources needed to teach on topics related to energy and energy conservation in the classroom and showed them how to involve students in service learning projects that promote environmental stewardship. Participating educators were provided with energy-related classroom materials, as well as complimentary lodging and meals. Click here to learn more about the energy resources OEP used for these camps.

TDEC OEP’s Energy Education Program realized its biggest year to date. Within this Program Year, OEP hosted 23 K-12 Energy Education Workshops throughout the state. OEP’s Workshop offerings promoted energy literacy as it relates to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects and introduced participants to topics including, but not limited to, electricity generation; consumption and measurement; renewable energy; and energy efficiency and conservation.

OEP offered grade-specific workshops, Earth Day activities, STEM events, summer camps, and after school programs at no cost to schools, libraries, and organizers.

Cumberland Mountain State Park

"I have attended a plethora of professional development trainings over the last years.  However, the Energy Camp superseded anything that I have ever been a part of.  Not only was the team extremely knowledgeable of the new standards, but they kept us completely engaged with hands on activities, and even supplied us with the tools to deliver instruction that will foster student achievement at any level.  This is by far the BEST training imaginable.” –Jerry Lynn Recker,  Memphis Academy of Science

"This professional development was great.  The staff turned the teachers into students and welcomed our feedback, comments, and questions. We will walk away today with a bag full of goodies, a notebook full of info, a brain full of ideas, and a heart full of memories.” – Jammie Lowry, Warren High School

“Energy Camp is by far the best professional development I’ve ever had. I am walking away with so many ideas and practical hands-on lessons that will really transform my classroom instruction.” – Thea Puckett, Church Hill Intermediate

Roan Mountain State Park

“I liked the ability to design, test, and redesign. Fast-paced class that included all levels without boring the high school teachers or intimidating the elementary teachers. Breakout sessions were applicable and intense.  Materials for each activity were well organized and activities were demonstrated clearly.  Instructors were engaging and had activities dialed in. You know it’s a good workshop when the instructors have to run “students” out to make them stop working on projects at the end of the day.” - Laura Sterrett, Westview High School

“This has been one of the most useful trainings in my 14 years of education. There were so many project-based learning opportunities that easily touched on all aspects of STREAM.  Furthermore, the projects were leveled nicely so that high school was appropriate for high school, middle for middle, etc. Awesome!” -  Alison Fox,  Chuckey-Doak High School

“The energy camp pushed us all out of our “comfort zone” and into higher order thinking with creation and development of our ideas. We felt like kids in the classroom with the excitement and hands on activities.  We have definitely learned by doing!“ -  Karrie Tyler, McEwen Elementary

Natchez Trace State Park

“2019 Energy Camp was awesome.  I have always been timid with electricity and it tended to be the last standard I would teach with the least hands-on activities as I usually relied on videos to carry the day.  I am returning to my classroom excited and much more comfortable with electricity.  The activities were varied, awesome, and met the standards.  I did not ever feel as if I was the weakest link because all had areas of deficiency and expertise.  The materials to take back to the classroom will enable me to teach my students in an experimental manner that will stay with them forever and hopefully intrigue some enough to start thinking of a future career in electrical engineering.  If ever anyone asks me what was a valuable professional development, I will immediately respond with TDEC Energy Camp, you have to go!!!” – Debbie Skotte, Cowan Elementary School

“In 20 years of teaching/professional development, I have never attended a more exciting, engaging, and fun learning conference.  I have built relationships with people that will continue into the future.   The hands-on learning solidifies my belief that more is learned through “doing” and making mistakes, and then adjusting than any teacher could lecture, demonstrate, or show videos to promote understanding.  This school year will only be my 2nd in 7th grade Science.  My previous 12 years was spent teaching Math.  I am excited that I will develop this year’s activities with a hands-on focus.  I am even starting to think about a STEM club.  Thank you for the opportunity.  This has been three days very well spent.” -Kimberley Smith, McKenzie Middle School

“This is the best workshop I have ever attended in my 37 years of teaching!  Love the hands-on instruction.” - Ronald Marshall, Jr, Oakland High School