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Tennessee Materials Marketplace

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The Tennessee Materials Marketplace (TMM) is an initiative produced through the collaboration of Division of Solid Waste Management-Recovered Materials, the Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices, and the United States Business Council for Sustainable Practices. The TMM is an online interactive platform providing a marketplace for the trading, donation, and/or sale of discarded materials by one entity to another. TMM is financed through a 3-year performance-based grant. OPSP promotes TMM through education and outreach to potential platform users.

TMM is an initiative inspired by the TDEC 2025 Solid Waste Plan and serves TDEC priorities for public/private partnerships, positive environmental outcomes, as well as economic growth and eventually even job creation.

To date, there are 91 companies and organizations using the platform including  marquee Tennessee industries participating with 65 materials listed.  There have been11 material transfers since September 2017 when TMM platform began accepting members, representing over 240 tons of material that would usually end up in the landfill. 

For technical assistance or facilitation of certain materials to specific markets related to the Tennessee Materials Marketplace and the circular economy, please contact Vaughn Cassidy. Vaughn works primarily with Tennessee industry to assist with repurposing and reuse of discarded materials. He can provide technical assistance and industry contacts throughout the state to facilitate material reuse, recycling or repurposing, including limited assistance with logistics and regulatory requirements. 

For further assistance with recycling vendors and markets in Tennessee, please contact Vincent Leray.

Vaughn Cassidy

Environmental Consultant !!

Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices

p. 731-512-1343

Vincent Leray

Environmental Scientist !!

Division of Solid Waste Management | Materials Management Program

p. 615-532-0814 

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