Community Programs and Services

The Office of Sustainable Practices' Community programs and services work with Tennesseans, community leaders and organizations, local governments and utilities, non-profits, and K-12 formal and informal educators and students to support Tennessee in pursuing sustainability and resilience. We provide education by participating in outreach events, and facilitating opportunities for action on topics, such as water and wastewater optimization, beneficial reuse of tires, radon testing and education, environmental education, and food waste diversion and composting.

Unwanted Household Pharmaceuticals Takeback Program

OSP provides education regarding the safe disposal of collected items to citizens, as well as law enforcement officials and permanent takeback boxes have been placed at hundreds of law enforcement facilities and dozens of pharmacies statewide.

Tennessee Radon Program

This program offers a myriad of radon services and assistance, including radon test kits for homeowners, technical radon information for universities, and specific radon materials for targeted audiences, such as real estate professionals, home builders, building codes officials, home inspectors, and school officials.

Tire Environmental Act Program (TEAP)

TEAP provides financial assistance to eligible entities in Tennessee to conduct or purchase, install, and construct projects that fit into eligible project categories such as tire recycling, tire-derived product use, research, testing and development as well as facility improvement.   

Environmental Education at Home

This page houses resources for parents, teachers, and kids, as the education space changes in response to COVID-19.

Other  Teams

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