About Us

The Office of Sustainable Practices enhances TDEC’s capacity to promote a culture of environmental sustainability, provide technical guidance to business, industry, and other public entities to promote environmental stewardship in an effort to better conserve Tennessee’s natural resources and to fulfill the Department’s mission and vision.

The Office of Sustainable Practices partners and collaborates within TDEC, and with state government departments, and external stakeholders to:

  • Engage ideas with federal, state and local government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the academic and business community on matters relevant to environmental sustainability.
  • Support community environmental, economic, public health and social goals through pollution prevention, resource conservation, renewable energy incentives, waste reduction and recycling programs, and sustainable building design.
  • Facilitate and promote environmental leadership through recognition programs and partnerships.
  • Implement departmental strategic initiatives and identify innovative, cost effective opportunities for state government to enhance the quality of life for Tennessee citizens and natural environments.

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Meet the Team

Lexi Brown

Lexi's areas of expertise include administrative support, radon, and event planning. 

Ashley Cabrera

Ashley's area of focus include publications, editing, social marketing, communications with the Tennessee General Assembly, and management of the Get Food Smart TN program.

Vaughn Cassidy

Vaughn's areas of focus include the Tennessee Materials Marketplace, and the Tennessee Green Star Partnership.

Alle Crampton

Alle's areas of focus include managing the Tire Environmental Act Program, providing project management skill to other TDEC divisions, and sustainability in K-12 schools.

Kelsey Davis

Kelsey's areas of expertise include recycling, waste reduction, and reaching zero waste, and food waste reduction and composting.

Kathy Glapa

Kathy's areas of focus include the Governor's Environmental Stewardship Awards, the Unwanted Household Pharmaceuticals Program , and Clean Tennessee Energy Grants.

Donovan Grimwood

Donovan Grimwood is the Small Business Environmental Ombudsman within the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program.

Chris Pianta

Chris’ areas of focus include waste reduction, energy efficiency, and serving as TDEC’s Title VI Coordinator.

Brook Powell

Brook's areas of focus include the TN CUPP program, TN Higher Education Institutions Sustainability Network, Campus Food Pantry Program, and the Campus Sustainability Improvement Program.

Caleb Powell

Caleb's areas of focus include the Tennessee Green Star Partnership, Clean Tennessee Energy Grants, and the Tennessee Sustainable Spirits program. 

Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor is Deputy Director of TDEC’s Division of Stakeholder Engagement and is responsible for overseeing the Office of Sustainable Practices and Small Business Environmental Assistance Program.

Heather Weldon

Heather's areas of expertise include budget management, Green Energy Production Facilities and Pollution Control Equipment certifications, and administrative support.

Mark Valencia

Mark's areas of focus include the Tennessee Radon Program, Tire Environmental Act Program, and development of the Tennessee Sustainable Spirits program.

Crystal Warren

Crystal Warren is the Small Business Environmental Outreach and Education Specialist for the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program.

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