State Government and Institutions

The Office of Sustainable Practices' Institutions and State Government programs and services work with all State government entities to identify opportunities to incorporate sustainable practices in an effort to provide service to all Tennesseans at the lowest cost possible, while continuing to be stewards of our natural environment. We believe it is the responsibility of State government to assume a Lead By Example role. Therefore, we focus on working with entities, such as universities, State Parks, and Military personnel, to assist them in becoming examples of efficient and sustainable government.

Sustainable Workplace

We have developed resources to help your office/business be more sustainable through proper signage, a guide to accepting and disposing of recyclables/waste properly, and collaborating with others to help make your community a better place to live, work, and play!

The Tennessee Higher Education Sustainability Initiative facilitates programs to support higher education institutions across the state. These programs provide opportunities for colleges and universities to partner with their respective communities to implement sustainable practices to achieve environmental, economic and social goals.

The Go Green With Us program began in 2015 as a partnership between TN State Parks, OPSP, and park visitors. The program has guidelines designed to incorporate sustainable practices into all park operations and steps visitor's can do to reduce their footprint while visiting. 

Earth Day 2021

Remember, we only have one planet, so let’s celebrate Earth Day by each of us doing our part and together we can help Restore Our Earth!

Other Teams

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