Earth Day 2021

On April 22nd, the whole world will join together to celebrate Earth Day. This year’s official Earth Day theme is “Restore Our Earth”. At TDEC, we believe every day is Earth Day, so we work year-round to achieve our mission of being stewards of our environment by protecting and improving the quality of Tennessee’s natural resources. To highlight our efforts, our department will be sharing a series of short videos that detail some of the programs that our various divisions manage. The videos will be posted on TDEC’s social media pages and webpages during the weeks leading up to Earth Day and will also include tips that all Tennesseans can follow to help restore our Earth. Citizens can participate by “liking” the videos, then submitting a photo of themselves completing one of these tips for the opportunity to win a special Earth Day prize. 

Our Tennessee State Parks will also be creating videos that highlight the various “Go Green With Us” sustainability efforts they have implemented that enhance the guest’s experience while visiting our parks. These videos will include tips guests can do to help Go Green With Us while visiting TN State Parks. You can vote for your favorite video by visiting each park’s Facebook page, then participate by posting a photo of yourself or your family “Going Green With Us” while visiting a park for the opportunity to win a gift card for a free weekend stay at a TN State Park.

Remember, we only have one planet, so let’s celebrate Earth Day by each of us doing our part and together we can help Restore Our Earth!

Earth Day Videos

Earth Day videos for "Restore Our Earth." 

OEA Earth Day Video

SBEAP Earth Day Video

APC Earth Day Video

OEP Earth Day Video

WTRBA Earth Day Video

DoR Earth Day Video

DSWM Earth Day Video

OPSP Earth Day Video