TN State Parks Recycling Upgrades

TN State Parks recently implemented recycling upgrades at all 56 State Parks. These improvements to the recycling program are part of a broader initiative known as the Go Green With Us program, which promotes the integration of sustainable practices into park management and operations. The overall goal of the upgrades is to create a recycling program with a uniform appearance at all TN State Parks to better inform visitors of their options for waste disposal. Through a partnership with the Division of Solid Waste Materials Management Program, Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices, and TN State Parks,  we are able to not only divert waste from landfills, but also increase awareness of the importance of recycling to state park visitors. 

The upgrades were completed in three separate phases. The first phase implemented BearSaver recycling receptacles for all exterior locations. The second phase implemented RecycleAway interior recycling receptacles for all park buildings and venues. The third phase is currently ongoing and will add educational signage for guests regarding the Go Green With Us program, recycling, and what they can do to reduce their footprint while visiting the park. These recycling upgrades will allow us to meet the needs of our visitors and uphold our responsibility to protect Tennessee's public lands and natural resources.


Pictured above is a new BearSaver bin at Rock Island State Park. BearSaver recycling receptacles are ADA compliant and pest proof which are perfect for TN State Parks, their guests, and their native wildlife. Over 400 receptacles were purchased to fully cover all 56 State Parks. To read more about BearSavers in TN State Parks, click here


Recycle Away interior recycling receptacles were purchased and installed following the BearSaver receptacles. These bins are made from pure recycled HDPE and meet all LEED requirements for recycled content. Over 170 containers were purchased to provide recycling at all state park visitor's centers, museums, venues, group cabins, and other guest buildings. 

This Page Last Updated: March 15, 2021 at 10:58 AM