Beyond the Cube

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These are some events that we do to encourage environmental education and sustainability in communities across the state. We strive to choose local communities and organizations to support, and to make a positive environmental, social, and economic impact through our events.

Stream Clean-Up - OSP chooses a local stream to pick up the litter and recyclables to protect the surrounding wildlife and keep the area and waterways clean. This serves as a great community clean-up event, but also as a great team building activity for our office.

America Recycles Day – November 15th is America Recycles Day and OSP encourages staff participation by hosting a recyclables collection event for TDEC employees. Miscellaneous recyclables from home and in the office are collected in the TN Tower as employees enter the building for work.

Earth Day – April is our busiest time of year as we travel across the state to support and promote Earth Day. OSP actively participates in at least 8 Earth Day events across Tennessee and provides education and outreach on ongoing programs and initiates such as food waste reduction, recycling, radon, and composting.

Great American Clean Up – Each spring OSP partners with Keep America Beautiful and chooses a local area such as a park, roadway, or community space, to conduct a cleanup and recycling event.

Other ways that you can be sustainable in your office is through Water, Energy, and Food. Check out this signage on tips to conserve water, save energy, and reduce food waste in your office! 


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