Higher Education Institutions


Establishing partnerships between TN HEIs and underserved communities with close geographical proximity enables the TN HEIs to maximize community support provided by college students in their area of academic study while being overseen by professors supporting the effort.

 All TN HEIs must have a non-discrimination statement and observe all other Title VI requirements as defined by the Civil Rights Act of 1984 to participate as a partner under TN CUPP. A participating TN HEI must also be an equal employment opportunity/affirmative action employer. Additionally, a TN HEI which meets the following criteria may qualify to participate in the TN CUPP:

a.      Have the area of academic expertise necessary to complete qualifying projects

b.     Offer project participation through either internships, practicums, independent studies, and/or capstone projects

c.      Agree to complete projects within the timeframe determined at initial meeting with the community designated representative and OPSP

d.     Give status updates for all designated milestone checkpoints


If you are a higher education institution interested in participating, complete the four questions in the questionnaire which can be accessed here. The information you provide will be used to identify a community needing assistance with a qualifying TN CUPP project that is well-suited for your area of academic expertise.

If a specific project topic(s) or service has already been developed that you would like to complete through TN CUPP, a letter of interest (LOI) to participate can be submitted to TDEC that states how the institution and community both meet eligibility requirements and briefly states project specifics. The LOI can come from either the Dean of Students, academic department(s), individual professors, and/or sustainability departments. The LOI can be emailed to tdec.tnhesi@tn.gov.

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