Other Organizations


The TN CUPP is designed to promote interagency collaboration (local, state, and federal) with emphasis on community engagement and to facilitate public-private partnerships between schools, communities, the private sector, and nonprofit organizations.

Through the power of TN CUPP partnerships, these agencies can increase the amount of support provided to citizens while leveraging technical assistance from TN HEIs and other subject matter experts. In turn, underserved communities are in a better position to compete for resources that will improve their communities. For example, if communities have sewage and water systems concerns, a TN HEI may help them determine what the actual and projected infrastructure needs will be by creating economic development plans that scope future community expansion. These economic development plans open doors for communities by enabling strategic prioritization of future plans for growth and sustainability and educating the community on potential resource needs to execute community priorities.

If an organization is interested in becoming a partner and/or collaborating in a TN CUPP project, they can submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) indicating their general areas of interest and capacity for service. If the organization is sponsoring a specific project, they should specify what their roles and responsibilities will be. This LOI can be submitted by emailing tdec.tnhesi@tn.gov.

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