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Laws, Rules, & Guidance

Tennessee’s laws, also known as statutes or acts, are created by the Tennessee Legislature. Generally, when a law is written it gives a broad outline of how a program should function. Rules are then created that further defines the law’s requirements. In other words, the rules are written based on the law.

Occasionally, a specific process must be defined. When this process is not part of a law, it is called Guidance. Guidance has been developed over an extended time and is constantly changing to keep pace with the current technology and other developments.

Several laws, rules, and guidance are applicable to different areas of environmental interest. The easiest way to find a specific law is to go to LexisNexis. In the search box, enter the code of the law (example 68-212-224). Hit “enter” to search the database. The Division of Remediation's effective rules are also available on the Tennessee Secretary of State website. Rules and guidance documents are linked below:

  1. Meth Contamination
  2. Oak Ridge Reservation
  3. Brownfields Redevelopment
    • Law TCA 68-212-224 — Brownfields projects voluntary cleanup oversight and assistance program
  4. Drycleaners
  5. Vapor Intrusion Guidance
  6. Hazardous Substance Remedial Action

For the most up to date information, visit Lexis Nexis.

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