Hazardous Waste Annual Report Frequently Asked Questions

A: There are no extensions for the March 1 deadline. We would much prefer that facilities send in an incomplete report with payment to meet the deadline and follow-up with the rest of the report later.


A: Yes! Please give the fiscal department a call at 615-532-0065 and explain you would like to pay for your hazardous waste annual report fees with a card over the phone. They may request you fax a copy of the fee sheet as well.


A: As long as your facility has maintained its VSQG status for all of the reporting year AND your facility is listed as VSQG in our system, then you are not required to send in a report.  However, the Division of Solid Waste Management always encourages all generators to submit an annual report to keep your records up to date.


  1. VSQGs that generate hazardous wastewaters that must be treated prior to discharge to a POTW and/or NPDES permit must report their hazardous wastewater waste stream.
  2. VSQGs with an episodic generation event are required to report. 


A: Looking at the HN-EA form that was included in your HW Annual Report package, the generator status that is automatically selected is what your facility was listed as on the date the package was generated.


A: Please send everything (report, fee, and RF-FDS form) to your auditor on the 14th floor. We will ensure your fee and RF-FDS form get to the appropriate places.

Hazardous Waste Activity Audit
TDEC - Division of Solid Waste Management
312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue, 14th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243


A: Notification Requirements (Planned and Unplanned) include submitting the following forms:

• WSR (For all applicable waste streams)
• NF (If waste stream(s) are new, $100 per new waste stream)

 Written Required Pertinent Information for Unplanned Events (initial notification within 72 hours of the event):

• Types and quantities of waste generated during the event
• Date Event Began and Ended
• Emergency Contact

 Written Required Pertinent Information for Planned Events:

• Types and quantities of waste generated during the event
• Planned Event Start Date (30 days from initial notification date) and Estimated Event End Date
• Emergency Contact

In addition to the submission of the forms listed above, if you provide an initial notification by phone, a written follow-up via email is required. For more information about Episodic Generation Requirements, please view page 68 of the 2023  RY22 Annual Report Workbook

If your facility does not have an EPA ID number, please visit the Hazardous Waste and Used Oil Forms page for the required forms for Initial Notification to obtain an EPA ID. 

2023  Annual Hazardous Waste Report Workshop

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Division of Solid Waste Management is hosting a virtual Hazardous Waste Annual Report Workshop. This workshop will cover how to fill out a hazardous waste annual report for generators. 

Form Description Form Number
Hazardous Waste Environmental Activity Notification CN-1446
Annual Hazardous Waste Remedial Action Fee Report CN-1394

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