Transfer Facility Logs For Hazardous Waste

Waste Transporters

Each transfer facility shall maintain logs of all shipments of hazardous waste entering and leaving the facility as required by TN Rule Chapter 0400-12-01.04(1)(c)2, either in hard copy and/or in a computer file(s). This must include, at a minimum, the following information for each shipment:

  • (I) The date the shipment arrived;
  • (II) The generator’s name and EPA identification number;
  • (III) The manifest document number associated with the shipment;
  • (IV) The date the hazardous waste was shipped out of the transfer facility; and
  • (V) If the transporter mixes hazardous wastes by placing them into a single container at the transfer facility:
    • I. The item number(s) and letter(s) from the manifest document number(s) for all separately containerized wastes that are combined in the container; and
    • II. If the hazardous wastes mixed in the container have different U.S. DOT shipping descriptions, the new manifest number 

This information must be retained for a period of three years and made available for review by TDEC. 

A transfer facility may maintain the information in an equivalent log form or computer file provided that all the information required is available in an organized manner at the time of an inspection of the transfer facility.

A transfer facility can utilize paper records, computer records, or both methods as long as the forms below are used or an equivalent system is utilized.  All information maintained in a computer file(s) must be able to be printed in hard copy.  Each transfer facility shall maintain the required Log Forms or equivalent records.

The log forms, or equivalent records, shall be maintained for a minimum of three years from the most recent entry. The transporter shall maintain copies of all manifests for three years from the date the first transporter signed for the receipt of materials. These records may be maintained at a central location. In addition, each transfer facility shall maintain copies of all manifests that are referenced on Form Two, or equivalent records for Form Two, for a minimum of three years.

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