Solid Waste Management

The Solid Waste Program ensures safe and sanitary processing and disposal of solid waste in Tennessee.  It regulates material recovery facilities, transfer stations, and landfills for sanitary or municipal solid waste, industrial waste, farming wastes, and construction and demolition waste, some of which are subject to EPA RCRA Subtitle D.  The Solid Waste Program operates under the authority of the Solid Waste Management Act of 1991 (T.C.A. §68-211-101 et seq.).

The Solid Waste Program issues three classes of permits: landfill permitspermit-by-rulespecial waste disposal permits.

If you are an applicant or if you live in an area where a landfill or solid waste facility is being proposed, you may find information on the project in the TDEC Dataviewer. Begin your search by selecting the “Permit “ tab and the category of “Pending “ permits.  Additional instructions for refining your search are found at the top of the Dataviewer page

This map (which can also be accessed here) depicts the locations of all operating, permitted landfills in the state of Tennessee.  This includes Class I, II, III, and IV landfills. 

You may also search the Dataviewer for more information on facilities you've read about in a public notice. See the Public Participation Opportunities page as well.


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