Statewide Uniform Inspection Training (SUIT)

The Statewide Uniform Inspection Training (SUIT) is designed to provide solid waste facility operators and employees with a basic knowledge of the state facility inspection program. SUIT provides information regarding the policies and regulatory citations associated with each item on the inspection document. 

Online Training 

Current training modules are being updated so online training has been suspended. Staff are completing the certificates for 2024 training and shall email certificates out by the end of April.

2024 In-Person Training Schedule

2024 fall training will be provided in each region. Day 1 will be for landfills and Day 2 will be for Permit-By-Rule (PBR) facilities.

Landfill training will cover all landfills and clearly define differences in regulations between Landfill Class I, II, III, and IV. The cost is $199.00 per attendee. This training will be a full-day event.

PBR training will cover all PBRs and clearly define differences in regulations between Convenience Centers, Transfer Stations, and Tire Storage facilities. The training is approximately 4 hours in length and will cost $99.00 per attendee.

·  September 4 and 5- Jackson Environmental Field Office

·  September 11 and 12- Cedars of Lebanon

·  September 25 and 26- Knoxville Environmental Field Office



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