Statewide Petroleum Incident Logging Section (SPILS)

SPILS is a new program within TDEC's Division of Solid Waste Management (DSWM). This program will log incidents along Tennessee’s roadways where a reportable quantity of petroleum products is released to the environment, ensuring that appropriate cleanup standards are applied, remediation activities are completed, and final reports detailing the response are received and reviewed. Once an incident has been remediated, SPILS will issue a closure letter for the Responsible Party’s file.

SPILS guidance

A new guidance document has been prepared by the DSWM for the environmental cleanup of petroleum spills, including gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oil and transmission fluid, as the result of traffic accidents. THIS GUIDANCE IS NOT EMERGENCY RESPONSE GUIDANCE. 

The DSWM has established two categories for these spills: traffic accident spills contaminating environmental media with less than twenty five (25) gallons of petroleum, and traffic accident spills contaminating environmental media with more than twenty five (25) gallons of petroleum. Contaminating environmental media is defined in this guidance as petroleum that spills directly onto and/or migrates from paved surfaces into gravel, soils, and/or water.

Spills in Tennessee are to be reported to the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA - 1-800-262-3300) which then notifies other state agencies such as the DSWM. (Note: Spills that cause sheen on the surface waters require notification of TEMA and subsequently the Division of Water Resources.) 



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