05/2023 Notice of New Publications

Open-File Geologic Quadrangle Maps

The following quadrangles are now available as printed maps and PDF files for $20.00 each or as PDF files alone for $10.00 each. All are in color and complete, but are still in draft form and may not include standardized colors, formation abbreviations, or symbols.

Bean Station 162-SE (2022)

Bradford 436-SE (2020)

Church Hill 188 -SW (2022)

Eagan 144-SW (2021)

Gobey 122-NE (2021)

Herbert Domain 109-SW (2021)

Newbern 420-SE (2022)

Riverton 334-NE (2022)

Shady Grove 164-NW (2022)

Tracy City 99-SW (2022)



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