State Water Infrastructure Grants (SWIG) Program

Tennessee’s SWIG Program is designed to provide financial assistance to local governments, water districts, utilities, and other eligible entities for the planning, design, construction, and rehabilitation of water infrastructure. The program serves as a funding mechanism to support various projects aimed at enhancing the quality, reliability, and sustainability of water-related systems and facilities.

To access the program's funds, interested parties typically undergo an application and selection process. The applications are evaluated based on predefined criteria that assess the project's feasibility, impact, cost-effectiveness, and alignment with the program's objectives. Successful applicants receive financial support in the form of grants, which can cover a significant portion of the project's total cost.

SWIG routinely announces grant opportunities throughout the year. Below are links to information on our grants, requirements, and solicitation dates.

 To stay informed, please check back here for updates and announcements. 


AMP Grant

Asset Management Plan

LSLI Grant

Lead Service Line Inventory

American Rescue Plan (ARP)

American Rescue Plan

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