Drinking Water Security

Do you know what to do if a phone caller claims they have contaminated the water system?

Do you have an alternate supply of drinking water? Has your water system participated in a training exercise with the fire dept., police dept., local government and the local emergency management agency? Have you budgeted for additional security items? Ensuring the safety of the public water supply is our top priority. With increased vigilance, we can minimize the risk of terrorist or other intentional acts against Tennessee water systems and ensure that all customers continue to receive safe drinking water.

Vulnerability Assessments: Water Systems Serving > 3,300

The Public Health Security and Bioterrorism and Response Act (H.R. 3448) required all community public water systems serving 3,300 people or more to conduct a vulnerability assessment and prepare or revise, where necessary, an emergency response plan that incorporates the results of the vulnerability assessment. TN water systems completed their vulnerability assessments in 2004. The vulnerability assessment and submission to EPA was a one-time event for H.R. 3448, however, EPA and the Division of Water Resources recommend water systems perform a vulnerability assessment every 2 years.

Vulnerability Assessments: Water Systems serving < 3,300

A vulnerability assessment is an integral part of a good emergency plan. Although not mandated by H.R. 3448, the Division of Water Resources strongly encourages small water systems serving populations under 3,300 to complete a vulnerability assessment. By completing a vulnerability assessment, you will enhance the security of your water system and identify areas of potential improvements. "Security Vulnerability Self-assessment Guides for Small Drinking Water Systems" are available from the Division of Water Resources

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