Polychlorinated Biphenyls Program

Through a cooperative agreement with EPA Region 4, the Toxic Substances Program (TSP) conducts PCB Compliance Inspections to monitor the use, storage, disposal, and management of PCBs by electrical utility companies, industries, scrap metal facilities, and other businesses. EPA retains the authority for enforcing PCB noncompliance, receiving PCB activity and spill notifications, and issuing PCB storage, treatment, disposal, and cleanup approvals. If you need PCB compliance information, please contact Adrianne White at 615-532-0885 (Adrianne.White@tn.gov) or Pamela Franklin at 615-532-0849 (Pamela.Franklin@tn.gov).

Please refer to the EPA website information listed below for additional information resources.

  • Learn about PCBs - Find information about the commercial use of PCBs, common PCB trade names (e.g., Aroclor), and PCB congeners. In addition, learn about the release and exposure, as well as the health effects of PCBs. 
  • Learn about the laws and regulations that govern PCBs - PCBs are regulated under TSCA. TSCA bans the manufacture, processing, use and distribution in commerce of PCBs. TSCA gives EPA the authority to develop, implement and enforce regulations concerning the use, manufacture, cleanup and disposal of PCBs. 
  • Submit Notification of PCB Activity Form - Any company or person conducting business involving the disposal of PCBs or conducting research and development involving PCBs must notify the EPA using form 7710-53 (PDF) and receive an ID number. EPA compiles this information and makes it available to the public. 

Related Information

Lead-Based Paint Abatement Rule Change

The Division of Solid Waste Management’s amendment to the notification requirements of Rule 1200-01-18-.01, Lead-Based Paint Abatement, were filed with the Secretary of State July 6, 2020. The amendment, which will change the notification of lead-based paint activity from fifteen days to five business days, will become effective October 4, 2020. The pending changes and additional rulemaking package information are accessible on the Tennessee Secretary of State’s website: https://publications.tnsosfiles.com/rules_filings/07-03-20.pdf.

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