Tank and Piping Closure

When closing your tanks, compartments, or piping complete the "Application for Permanent Closure of UST System” and submit the application to the appropriate Field Office for approval 30 days prior to closing any portion of the UST system.  

Once the tanks are out of the ground or properly closed in place, be sure to file an amended notification form with the State. This is the only way to stop the State’s automatic billing procedure.

Proper planning of the closure can save annual tank fee dollars! Tank fees are due if the tank is in the ground even one day during the fee year. The fee year or the billing cycle is different for each grand division of the state. To legally avoid paying tank fees for the next fee year, the tanks must be properly closed (removed or filled) before that fee year begins. If you wait until the fee year begins, fees are due for that fee year. This applies to tanks which are temporarily out of service as well as to active tanks. Failure to pay these fees will result in a 5% per month late penalty and loss of fund eligibility for the site.

Summary of requirements to close tanks

  1. Before beginning work, discuss process with local Field Office representatives.
  2. Obtain and complete all necessary paperwork.
  3. Determine if there is any soil or water contamination from leaks or spills.
  4. If there is contamination, follow appropriate procedures.

Within thirty days after an UST system is permanently closed, a Notification Form must be submitted to the address located on the notification form (UST Nashville Central Office). The form shall indicate the current status of the UST system at the facility. Include the Facility ID Number and mark "C. CLOSED." Failure to submit the amended Notification Form may result in continued billing for the annual tank fee.