UST Forms and Guidance

Form Description (Forms Needed for Registration) Form Number and Link  Form Description
Pre-Installation Notification Form CN-1288 Form required to inform the Division of your intent to install tanks at a new facility
Amended Notification Form CN-1260 Form required to Amend information about the tanks at an existing facility
Buyers Notification Form CN-1392 Form to be filled out and submitted by the buyer of a registered facility
Sellers Change of Ownership Form CN-0911 Form to be filled out by the seller of a registered facility 
Change of Address Form  CN-1383 Form to be filled out and submitted when the address of the owner or the facility is changed
Indicia of Ownership Form CN-1186  
Form Description (Resources needed to close tanks.) Form/Link Instructions

Closure Packet Instructions

Rev. July 2005

Instructions for Closure Packet.

UST System Closure Assessment Guidelines

Rev. Sept. 2006

When closing tanks, complete the "Closure Application".

Submit the application to the appropriate Field Office for approval 30 days prior to closing the UST system.

After tanks are out of the ground or properly closed in place, be sure to file an amended notification form with TN UST.

This stops the automatic billing procedure for annual tank registration.

(Note Corrected values on Table 5 effective April 1, 2007)

Application For Permanent Closure Of Underground Storage Tanks

Rev. July 2005


Permanent Closure Report

Rev. Apr. 2007


Application To Treat Petroleum Contaminated Soil By Mobile Thermal Treatment

July 1, 2005


Application To Treat Petroleum Contaminated Soil By Aeration

July 1, 2005


Approved Methods For Analysis Of Soil And Water Samples



Field Office Location Map



TGD-005 Sampling Requirements For Excavated Material

Rev. July 1, 2005


TGD-009 Requirements To Treat Petroleum Contaminated Soil Generated From Releases From Underground Storage Tanks

Rev. July 1, 2005


TGD-011 Procedures To Determine The Applicable Soil And Ground Water Cleanup Levels During An Underground Storage Tank System Closure

RESCINDED July 1, 2005


Chemicals Of Concern

Reference 1

Form Description Form/Link Instructions
Compliance Tool Box LINK Latest edition of Compliance Tool Box
UST Tank Owner Quick Refernce Guide LINK  
Tank Tightness Testing Report CN-1601 Tank Tightness Testing Report form can be used for release detection, repair, release investigation, or new installation.
Precision Line Tightness And Leak Detector Test Report CN-1341 Line Tightness & Leak Detector Test that can be used for release detection, repair, release investigation, or new installation.
Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Rectifier Reading Form CN-1282 60-Day Log for Impressed Current Systems
Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Testing Survey CN-1309 3-Year Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Test
Galvanic Cathodic Protection Testing Survey CN-1140 3-Year Galvanic Cathodic Protection Test
Monthly Spill Bucket Inspection Log CN-1286  
Spill Prevention Device Hydrostatic Test Report CN-1366 This form can be used to record hydrostatic testing of spill buckets.
Quarterly Dispenser Inspection Log CN-1287  
Monthly Electronic Interstitial Monitoring Report CN-1340 This form is used for Interstitial Monitoring release detection.
Annual Electronic Interstitial Monitoring Test Report CN-1339  
Manual Tank Gauging Monthly Report CN-1367 This form can be used to record monthly Manual Tank Gauging Reports.
Preparing For A Compliance Inspection LINK  
Ethanol Equipment Compatibility Checklist CN-1285
(Rev. Oct. 2021)
Statement Of Compatibility CN-1283 This form is used for indicating that the UST system components will be compatible with the product stored.
Visual Inspection For Incompatible Dispenser Components CN-1284 This form is used for recording daily visual inspections of incompatible dispenser components.
Monthly/Annual Facility Walkthrough Inspection Form CN-2544 This form is used to document monthly or annual walkthrough inspections required under rule 0400-18-01-.02(8).
Overfill Inspection Form CN-2584 Test procedure to ensure USTs cannot be overfilled (exceeding regulatory requirements).
Annual ATG Operability Test Form CN-2624 This form can be used to record the annual ATG operability test results.
Low Level Hydrostatic Sump Testing Form CN-2644  
Containment Sump Integrity Hydrostatic Test Report CN-2664  

Last revised in 2022 primarily due to October 13, 2018 rule changes, the Standardized Inspection Manual (SIM) is a standard operating procedure and a helpful resource for not only Division inspectors who conduct operational compliance inspections throughout the state, but also written for tank owners, operators and service providers. More specifically, the SIM includes a step-by-step process to help inspectors understand what they should look for at each facility, standard policies for Division employees, the Tank Owner Quick Reference Guide, and the Tank Operator Reference Guide.

Technical Chapters of every release detection (RD) method and release prevention requirement provide detail on the types of equipment and related records as well as photographs illustrating what is routinely found at UST facilities. These chapters also discuss specific manufacturers’ requirements that are referenced in the Division regulations.  The manual also includes previously developed as well as new standardized fillable forms for several RD methods as well as required testing that include the minimum required information. The 2022 version of the SIM has been compiled as a single, searchable, hyperlinked, and indexed portable document file. Use Adobe Reader™ or other Adobe software products to take full advantage of these advanced features that allow needed information to be found more quickly and completely than ever before.

Since the early drafts of the original SIM in 2009, the SIM has been composed and revised in a collaborative effort with our regulated community and service providers. The Division has conducted a variety of outreach activities seeking feedback and input; mass postal mailings, email marketing, stakeholder meetings, webinars, web page postings of draft documents, forms, and webinar recordings. We are grateful to all who contributed to improve our final revised product.

The revision date of this manual is June 17, 2022.  This version is a “living document” being updated as needed in the future with guidance, feedback, and input from our staff and all our stakeholders. However, our staff and regulated community will be kept informed mainly through email marketing releases with special emphasis on revisions initiated due to rule or statutory requirement changes. While this manual provides consistent guidance to our inspectors and predictability to our regulated community and service providers, regulatory requirements are only those that are specified under the authority of rule or statute. Rule and/or statutory requirements are noted with footnotes and/or in the body of the text of each technical chapter.

The SIM includes:


Form Description



Reimbursement Guidance Documents

(Rev. April 15, 2014)

(Effective 05/20/2022)


Task Cost Sheets

(Rev. April 15, 2014)

RGD-002 - Attachment I
(Effective 05/20/2022)


Certification Affidavits for Electronic Reimbursement Applications


See Reimbursement Guidance Documents

Application For Fund Eligibility

(Rev. Sep. 2021)

Application for Fund Eligibility Deadline –
The UST Act establishes a deadline for tank owners, tank operators or petroleum site owners to file an Application for Fund Eligibility.

If the application form is not received by the UST Division by the deadline established by law, the release WILL NOT BE FUND ELIGIBLE. The application must be received:
Within 60 days of a release which was identified in any manner other than the process for confirmation of a suspected release in the regulations;


Within 90 days of the discovery of evidence of a suspected release which is subsequently confirmed in accordance with the regulatory requirements.

NOTE: The 90 day deadline applies even if confirmation of a release does not occur within 90 days of the discovery of evidence of a suspected release.

An application should be filed as soon as possible after a release is suspected, even if all the confirmation steps have not been taken.


Tax Identification Number 


Federal W-9 For to be submitted to the Division so that eligible costs can be reimbursed.  
Cost Database for Submittal (May 2022) - New

32 Bit Access
64 Bit Access

Use this version of the cost database when no previous data exist.

Cost Database for Submittal (May 2022) - Existing 32 Bit Access
64 Bit Access
Use this version of the cost database to transfer data

Approved Corrective Action Contractor List

CAC List

Revised December 26, 2023

Form Description


Corrective Action Contractor Information


Approved Corrective Action Contractor List (Revised December 26, 2023)

CAC List


Application for Approved Corrective Action Contractor Status

(Rev. Feb. 2017)

Guidelines, Forms, And Technical Guidance Documents


Site Check Report Guidelines

Aug. 1996


Environmental Assessment Guidelines

Sept. 2006


Initial Site Characterization Guidelines - Parts A and B



Initial Response and Hazard Management Report Guidelines - Part A

Sept. 2006


Initial Site Characterization Report Guidelines

Sept. 2006


Corrective Action Plan Guidelines

Jan. 2010


Corrective Action Plan Cost Sheets



Corrective Action System Figures - 2010


TDEC Air Lift CAS Figure Package



TDEC Groundwater Pump CAS Figure Package



TDEC Standard CAS Figure Package


Corrective Action System Workbook


Corrective Action System Deactivation Checklist Link

Hazard Notification Report Form


Chemicals Of Concern

Reference 1

Form Description


Approved Corrective Action Contractor List (Revised December 26, 2023)

CAC List

Cathodic Protection Testers serving Tennessee

May 2024

Corrosion Protection Experts serving Tennessee (Revised September 30, 2022)

CP Experts list

New lodging and Per Diem rates are effective as of January  01, 2022. Please use the link below and see page 13 for the latest rates.

TN Travel Policy

The Division's new GIS Dataviewer is now online. We are consistently and constantly updating our data. When data is updated on our systems, it takes up to 48 hours to appear in the dataviewer. The dataviewer can be found at :

This section will contain forms that are currently under review and are in draft form only. The forms are being posted for the regulated community and the public to become familiar with the new forms that will be required in the future. Updates to this section will occur when new items are available.

Form Description Form Link Specific Form Instructions
None at this time  

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