Suspected or Confirmed Release

Required Procedures

Any UST system release assessments require environmental sampling of soil and/or ground water. These assessments may occur during such procedures as closing petroleum USTs, environmental assessments and at intervals during corrective action. Proper laboratory analysis of samples is critical to decision-making. This is to identify the analytical method that laboratories should use when processing samples for the TN UST program. Responsible Parties (RPs), Corrective Action Contractors (CACs) and others should ensure that the proper method is used by the laboratory. TN UST staff will review all reports to ensure the proper method was used. Ensure other requirements specified in guidance materials are followed.

During an UST system release assessment, soil and/or groundwater samples shall be analyzed by a laboratory based on the type of product stored. If the type of product stored is unknown, all samples shall be analyzed for all chemicals of concern (COCs). Please refer to Reference 1

Method 8260b, 8270c SIM, 8310, 200.7, and 6010/3050 are available at

TN Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons (EPH) Method

Screening and Cleanup Levels

For a site that previous assessment has not been conducted or cleanup levels established, and an Exposure Assessment has not been completed, then soil and/or groundwater sample results should be compared to the Initial Screening Levels (ISLs).

For a site that a release has been confirmed, and an Initial Response and Hazard Management Report (IRHMR) and Initial Site Characterization Report (ISCR) has been required, then the Risk-Based Cleanup Levels (RBCLs) should be utilized to map and delineate contaminant plume(s), which may include interpolation and/or extrapolation, for source widths required for the Risk Analysis Report (RAR).  Please note that the Exposure Assessment has been integrated into the IRHMR and ISCR requirements, and unless specifically requested, a separate Exposure Assessment Report should not be submitted.

Current Corrective Action Contractor List.

For specific information on becoming a CAC, see Rule 0400-18-01-.09(15).

Companies are approved and/or removed from the list on a daily basis, so if you require up-to-date information regarding the status of an Approved CAC, please call Susan Watts 615-708-9003.

UST Fund and Reimbursement Information

Instructions and applications for fund eligibility or reimbursement.

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