TN Immunization Record Request

TN Immunization Registry - TennIIS 

The Tennessee Immunization Information System (TennIIS) is a statewide online immunization registry where records of immunizations may be recorded on persons of all ages.  

TN State law authorizes access to immunization information by healthcare professionals and pharmacists, as well as school and childcare personnel responsible for ensuring children meet immunization requirements for participation in school or childcare.  Only legally authorized users who register and are approved by TDH staff may be granted secure access to TennIIS.

Not all immunization providers choose to record immunizations they give in TennIIS.  The information in TennIIS is only as complete as the information provided by the immunization provider.

Paper immunization records can be entered into TennIIS by your local TN Health Department or by any medical office with TennIIS access.    

TennIIS Immunization Record Request 

Upon request, the Vaccine-Preventable Diseases and Immunization Program (VPDIP) can provide a copy of an individual's immunization record in TennIIS.  An immunization record lists all of an individual's vaccinations recorded in TennIIS.  It is not an Official TN Immunization Certificate.

An Official TN Immunization Certificate must be submitted to childcare centers, preschools, or schools to satisfy attendance requirements for childcare through 12th grade.  This certificate is available at your local TN Health Department and at any medical office with TennIIS access.  For more information regarding the Official TN Immunization Certificate, please visit Immunization Requirements.

Immunization Record Request

For Individuals:

Individuals can request a copy of their own TennIIS immunization record or the record of a child if they are the child's parent or legal guardian. 

To begin a TN immunization record request, please click on this link and fill out the request form:

**If the record being requested is for an adult 18 years of age or older the request form must be completed by the individual.** 

Once the request has been received, TDH staff will search for the record in TennIIS. If a record is found, we will mail a copy of the immunization history that has been reported to TennIIS to the address on record for the person who was vaccinated (in general, the address provided to the healthcare provider who administered the vaccines). 

If no immunization record is found in TennIIS, TDH staff can provide additional suggestions of places one might search for old immunization records.

If you are unable to complete the request form online, or if you have questions please email or call (800) 342-1813. 

If copies of your records are needed more urgently, please contact your healthcare provider or your local health department during regular business hours to request the records. To find local health departments in Tennessee, go to this website:

For healthcare providers and other agencies:

Healthcare providers and other authorized agencies may request an individual's TennIIS immunization record.  To begin a TN immunization record request, please call the TDH at (615) 741-7247 and provide the following information about the person whose record is needed:  

  • Individual's full name (first, middle, and last name)
  • Individual's maiden name and/or all previous last names
  • Individual's date of birth
  • Requestor's name and contact information (organization/facility name, address, phone number, and email address)

Once the request has been received, TDH staff will check to see if TennIIS contains any immunization records for the individual and will follow up.

If an immunization record is found in TennIIS, TDH staff will email, fax, or mail a State of Tennessee Immunization Record Request form that must be completed and signed, and then emailed, faxed, or mailed back to TDH before the release of a record can be authorized.  Healthcare providers may submit their own Record Request/Release of Information forms by email to or fax to (615) 401-7659.