Evaluation and Reports

2022 County Health Assessment Cohort Report

2022 CHA Cohort Report Title Card

In 2019, the Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) began a pilot initiative to engage County Health Councils, diverse groups of local collaborators ranging from healthcare to local businesses to government officials, to complete a systematic County Health Assessment and Improvement Process (CHA/CHIP). In that first cohort 16 counties participated from across the state. In our most recent 2022 cohort, 42 Tennessee Counties completed the CHA/CHIP process.  

This Report highlights all the work that County Health Councils, in conjunction with TDH Local and Regional Health Offices and the Office of Strategic Initiatives, have done over the past year as well as a look into what is to come for future cohorts.  The report shares information about the populations engaged in the CHA, selected priorities, CHIP activities, and recommendations for future cohorts and community partners.