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Reporting Your Data

The Tennessee Department of Health asks for your assistance in collecting information about where Living Well with Chronic Conditions, Take Charge of Your Diabetes and Cancer: Thriving and Surviving programs are being offered across Tennessee and who is participating. This information helps track statewide successes and identifies additional training, funding, and other support needs.

The Workshop Form is to be completed and submitted for any Tennessee Living Well with Chronic Conditions, Take Charge of Your Diabetes and Cancer: Thriving and Surviving Programs conducted.

Faxing:  Please fax the Workshop Form to 615- 242-2225.

E-mail:  Please e-mail the Workshop Form to

Mailing Address:

Chronic DIsease Program
710 James Robertson Parkway
Andrew Johnson Tower, 8th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243       

To report program summaries and participant information, please use the form:  Self-Management Registration Form

Program summaries can also be reported online!  Please complete this form at the end of each 6-week program you lead and submit data by mail or email to the Tennessee Department of Health within 1 week of completing the program.

Upcoming programs can now be submitted via email!  Please send information about all upcoming programs, whether or not they are open to the public. 

Include all information necessary to be posted on the workshop calendar: 

  • Workshop type
  • Location
  • Date
  • Time
  • City
  • County
  • Contact for Registration

Send to

Quality and Fidelity

The Self-Management Resource Center (SMRC) programs result in well-researched health outcomes for participants when programs are implemented as designed (with "fidelity"). 

Programs are strongly urged to monitor quality and fidelity of community workshops and Leader trainings using the recommended implementation tools at SMRC: Resources.

Self-Management Resource Center Fidelity Manual  

Self-Management Resource Center Administrative Manual - English | Spanish