Injury Topics

The Core State Injury Prevention Program (Core SIPP) supports health department infrastructure, data, and partnerships to identify and respond to existing and emerging injury threats with data-driven public health actions. 

This support is intended to increase protective factors and reduce risk factors using the best available evidence to prevent injuries and death.   The Core SIPP program includes utilizing robust data and surveillance, strengthening strategic collaborations and partnerships, and conducting assessment and evaluation.​

The TDH Injury Prevention Program utilizes the CDC Core Grant to develop and support injury prevention programs designed to reduce Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Traumatic Brain Injury, Motor Vehicle Crashes and Suicide.​

Through robust data collection (surveillance), partner collaboration, evaluation, and program implementation, we strive to drive public health action to reduce injury in Tennessee.​

The program also supports internal and external partners to address other injury and violence prevention topics such as Rape PreventionFall Prevention, Poisoning and Overdoses Prevention, and Infant Safe Sleep.​

Core State Injury Prevention Program Focus Areas