TBI Service Coordination

There are currently seven (7) Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Service Coordinators located in various non-profits agencies across the state of Tennessee. The Service Coordinator’s role is to work with persons with brain injury and their families to assess current needs.

TBI Service Coordinators:

·         Develop a comprehensive plan of care;

·         Provide referrals to available resources and services;

·         Coordinate services for individual client advocacy; and

·         Bridge gaps in the service delivery system.

The goal of TBI Service Coordination is to improve the quality of life for persons with brain injury.

TBI Service Coordination services are provided free of charge.

To be eligible for TBI Service Coordination services you must (1) be a Tennessee resident and (2) have a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

To learn more about TBI Service Coordination or if you have TBI specific questions please reach out to your local TBI Service Coordinator.

See below to find your local TBI Service Coordinators contact information:.