Board on Physician Assistants

Peer Assistance Programs


For more than 40 years, the Tennessee Medical Foundation Physician’s Health Program. (TMF-PHP) has been offering professional assistance to healthcare professionals suffering with substance use disorders, mental or emotional illness, and other types of impairment. 

The TMF-PHP’s mission is to protect patients through identification, intervention, rehabilitation, and the provision of advocacy/support for physicians impaired by addictive disease, mental or emotional illness. The program seeks to help
Physician Assistants by offering guidance and ensuring accountability in their recovery program which can enables a restoration to practice.

Initially focused on alcohol and drugs, the TMF has reshaped the program to assist Physician Assistants and their families with a wider range of problems. These include psychiatric disorders, burnout, stress or anxiety, anger and relationship issues, disruptive behavior, overprescribing, and various psychological issues that can impair a Physician Assistant's ability to practice safe and effective medicine. With a success rate of over 80 percent, the TMF-PHP has developed a highly successful, professionally managed program to help save the lives and careers of struggling Physician Assistants.

Today the TMF encourages Physician Assistants and other licensed health professionals it serves to call the Physician’s Health Program before a problem threatens patient safety, their career, or their lives. As part of that effort, the TMF has launched the Tennessee Professional Screening Questionnaire, or TN PSQ. This online tool is a free, voluntary, and confidential way for health professionals to gauge their mental health and connect to resources, hopefully before a call to the TMF is necessary. Physician Assistants can access the TN PSQ to take the screening. 

The PHP has a full clinical staff contingent including Medical Director Michael Baron, MD, MPH, and two full-time case
managers. The clinical staff is effective in responding quickly to health professionals in need across the entire state.

Referrals may be made confidentially by a supervisor, an employee assistance program, a co-worker, family member, friend, or the Physician Assistant themselves. The Committee on Physician Assistants or its investigative staff will also make referrals to the PHP when a rehabilitation program is deemed appropriate as a part of a disciplinary action.

Physician Assistants, their family members, employers, colleagues, and anyone needing to refer to or consult with the TMF-PHP may contact us at: 

5141 Virginia Way, Suite 110

Brentwood, TN  37027615-467-6411