Core Informatics


Who We Are 

Core Informatics - Public Health informatics is the effective use of information and information technology to improve population health outcomes. Informatics is an applied information science that designs the blueprints for the complex data systems that keep information secure, usable and responsive to the user's needs.

To enable and support Tennessee Department of Health programs in the use of their data to inform business decisions and actions by acquiring, developing, and applying public health informatics practices and principles.

Tennessee Department of Health will have systematic, reproducible, and well documented solutions supporting its public health program needs and Information Technology in accordance with informatics best practices.

Collaboration – We promote teamwork through proactive and meaningful engagement of our stakeholders

Excellence – We strive to deliver the highest quality services using public health informatics-based practices

Innovation – We value sustainable and appropriate informatics innovation to improve public health

Integrity – We commit to serve with consistency, transparency, and honesty

Leadership – We endeavor to provide knowledgeable, courageous, trustworthy, and principled leadership

Stewardship – We aim to use resources efficiently and effectively 

Informatics Services 

Interoperability Support

  • Interoperability Standards Development
  • Consultation and technical assistance with regards to standards implementation
  • Standards Training
    • HL7 CDA Training
    • HL7 CDA Consultation
    • HL7 V2 Messaging Consultation
  • Vocabulary Support


  • Data integration & linkage services
  • Data/Source Documentation
  • Value adds to existing data sources
  • Geocoding Support
  • IDS Onboarding

Partner Engagement for electronic interfaces and federal incentive programs

  • Trading Partner Registration (TPR) assistance/training
  • TPR administrative support
  • Federal Incentive Program Support
  • Promoting Interoperability program
  • Meaningful Use (MU)
  • Electronic partner onboarding support and consultation
  • Public health reporting transport consulting

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