Tennessee Ambassador League

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The Tennessee Livability Collaborative, in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Human Resources, developed a learning institute and training opportunity for state government staff to learn about programs and resources available across the Tennessee Government enterprise around jobs, transportation, housing, food, education, and health. Graduates of the learning institute, the Tennessee Ambassador League Institute (TALI), become members of the Tennessee Ambassador League and serve as leaders in cross-sector collaboration within their agencies.

The Tennesse Ambassador League Institute (TALI):

  • Informs staff about resources available from multiple state agencies and helps participants recognize the connection between jobs, housing, transportation, food, and education, including how each of these contributes to livability and quality of life in communities across Tennessee.
  • Generates a cross-sector group of leaders who will collaborate and improve service utilization across Tennessee state government.
  • Empowers trainees to learn what resources are available and provides a strong foundation in leadership skills with a customer-focused emphasis.
  • Aligns with and trains participants to use the My TN app and fosters early adopters who will promote and train others as additional resources are added.
  • Graduates attendees who become members of the Tennessee Ambassador League.

TALI participants are front-line supervisors or high-performing citizen-facing staff with leadership potential from Tennessee state government agencies. Upon graduation, attendees train their front-line workforce that directly engages with citizens. As a graduate of the Institute and member of TALI, participants become the local or regional champion for cross-sector collaboration from their respective agencies. 

To learn more about the Tennessee Ambassador League please contact Dr. John Vick at john.vick@tn.gov


Tennessee Ambassador League Institute 2018 Pilot Cohort

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TALI Overview