HIV Counseling and Testing

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Lab-Based HIV Testing

The Tennessee Department of Health provides HIV lab testing in each of its 95 health departments across the state. Lab-based testing can detect HIV more quickly and can be used if a person is receiving both positive and negative results when using rapid HIV tests (a sign of the early stages of HIV). This testing comes with expert support to navigate you to treatment if you get a positive HIV test result. Testing is free at regional health departments and low-cost at metro health departments. Specialized staff can help you leverage a wide range of resources to cover the costs of your care.


Click here for a list of health departments in Tennessee where you can get an HIV test.

In metro areas, the Tennessee Department of Health provides low-cost rapid HIV testing to clients who have already received a positive HIV test result and are seeking a confirmed lab-based test result. Those areas are Memphis, Nashville, Jackson, and Sullivan County. Please contact the health department directly for more information.

HIV Rapid Testing Locations in Tennessee

Rapid HIV testing is available at community-based organizations all over the state. Rapid HIV testing uses a small amount of blood and gives results in 20 minutes or less. See below for a list of locations in each region.

HIV Rapid Testing through Syringe Services programs

Rapid HIV testing is available at all syringe services program locations. Click here to learn more about syringe services and find locations near you.

Page updated July 2023