How to enroll in Ryan White Part B Program

Enrolling in the Tennessee Ryan White Part B Program

To enroll in the TN Ryan White Part B Program, you will have
to contact a case manager and provide the following documentation.

Click here for a list of case manager agencies in Tennessee.

Required Documentation:

1. Laboratory results and confirmation of HIV diagnosis  

  •  Rapid/Rapid Algorithm Test results will be recorded on the PH-1600
  •  Laboratory results showing a detectable viral load.
  •  A letter, office note or discharge summary signed by a licensed physician documenting  HIV or AIDS as a              diagnosis may be used temporarily for the initial certification until one of the first two described lab results          can be obtained.

2. Proof of State of Tennessee Residency. Must provide documentation showing that you are currently residing in Tennessee.

 Examples of authorized documents are:

  •  A valid (non-expired) Tennessee driver’s license or Tennessee State issued ID or voter registration card can          be used for proof of residency.  Address must match the address used on any documentation used for                proof of income.
  •  Food stamp documentation can be used for proof of residency as long as the address matches the proof of        income documentation.
  •   Current paycheck/check stub, work ID or badge, if address is included.
  •  Letter from a verifiable homeless shelter or community center serving homeless individuals with clear                  identification and verification of residency Letter of Support
  •  Mail postmarked within the last 30 days and delivered to recipient’s street address.  .

3. Proof of Income. To be deemed eligible for coverage by State Ryan White Part B Services Programs a recipient must have a gross household annual income (before taxes and deductions) below or equal to 400% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).  

  •   Current Paycheck/ check stub or W-2