Educational Supports

Community Training

Internships/Community Experience

Students may have the opportunity to participate in field trips, job shadowing and/or volunteering experiences while at TRC. Additionally, all students will have the opportunity to have at least two work-related community experiences. These will happen when their Area of Study coursework has been successfully completed.

The Practicum will allow students to receive on-the-job experience with a community business partner. This may or may not be in their chosen Area of Study. It is designed to assist the student in gaining general work skills needed to be successful in a place of employment as well as to aid in finalizing their employment plans, all before moving into the required Internship.

The Internship will allow students to put into practice all the skills they have learned in their TRC classes and is designed to provide employment experience. The placement is the culmination of all classes taken in an Area of Study and will be with a community business partner in the student’s chosen Area of Study. Once a student successfully completes an Internship, he/she will have completed all Area of Study requirements and can apply for graduation.

Placement and Employment Services

Student Employment Services

The Student Employment Services purpose is to work with and assist students in achieving their employment goals, and to utilize skills in independence needed to be successful in employment. Working toward those individual goals, the Student Employment Services Team will provide tools to assist in each student’s success. The Student Employment Services Team consists of three instructors and one Business Employment Consultant (BEC) who focus on teaching the following:

  • Skills needed to attain a job
  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Skills
  • Job Search/Seeking skills
  • Daily living skills needed for independence