Client Rights and Responsibilities

The Vocational Rehabilitation team and its Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors work with customers to create positive employment outcomes and can be viewed as helpful collaborators.

If you would like to submit a referral for VR services (which help individuals with disabilities get, keep, or advance in a job) for either yourself or someone else, please click the link below.

When is it Appropriate to File an Appeal for a Vocational Rehabilitation Case?

If you disagree with a decision from the team and cannot resolve the issue through discussion, you may file an appeal for one of the following reasons:

1. If you are denied services: When you apply to receive services through the Vocational Rehabilitation program, you will be evaluated to determine your eligibility to receive services. If you are not approved and feel you qualify for services, you may file an appeal.

2. If you feel your priority category does not reflect your need: If you are approved to receive services, you will be assigned a priority category based on your needs. If you feel your priority category should change, you may file an appeal.

3. If you feel your Individual Plan for Employment (IPE) does not include services based on your strengths, your career goals, and resources available: Your Vocational Rehabilitation team will work with you to create an IPE that is unique to you, your abilities, your employment goals and the resources available to help you reach those goals. If you feel your IPE is not suited to your goals, available resources or your needs, you may file an appeal.

4. If your vocational rehabilitation services are reduced, suspended, or terminated: There may be times or situations that cause your services to be reduced, suspended, or terminated. If you believe that your services should not be changed, you may file an appeal.

How to File an Appeal

You may file an appeal by writing, phone or online. Click Here to visit the Appeals page and file an appeal.

Need Help Understanding the Vocational Rehabilitation Application, Service Delivery, Benefits, or Appeal Process?

If you need assistance, the Client Assistance Program (CAP) is available to help you:

1. Understand the services and benefits available from Vocational Rehabilitation services.

2. Request and pursue a review of a decision made by vocational rehabilitation staff that affects the provision of Vocational Rehabilitation services.

3. Understand your rights and responsibilities under the law.

CAP is provided by Disability Rights Tennessee. Contact CAP using one of the following methods:

  • Mail: 2 International Plaza, Suite 825, Nashville, TN 37217
  • Call: (1-800) 342-1660 or TTY (1- 888) 852-2852;
  • Email:

Your Responsibilities:

To reach your goals, you must be committed to the Vocational Rehabilitation program and the plan you formed with your Vocational Rehabilitation team. As a program participant you are responsible for cooperating with your assigned team and plan.  You are responsible and expected to keep appointments, go to scheduled activities, apply for comparable benefits or services when available, make good grades in training programs, communicate regularly with your Vocational Rehabilitation team, pay required costs, and go to work when services are completed.