After completing 20 years of creditable service (M-day) in the National Guard, you will receive a 20-year Notification of Eligibility for Retired Pay letter. This letter will qualify you for retirement pay and Tricare Standard insurance on the day you turn 60 years old. Once pay activates, you will receive it every month (direct deposit) for the rest of your life. However, obtaining retirement pay is not an automatic process – you must submit a request along with supporting documents to receive your retirement pay. 


For Retiring Soldiers:

Soldiers are encouraged to apply for their retirement pay, 12 months from retirement. Some Soldiers may even qualify for an Early-Age Drop retirement under the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008.. Soldiers can submit the retirement packet themselves, or contact the Retirement Services Officer (RSO) who will submit the packet for you to Human Resource Command (HRC).

The following documents are needed:

-      DD Form 2656 (Data for Payment or Retired Personnel)

-      DD Form 108 (Application for Retired Pay Benefits)

-       NGB 23 D (Notification of Eligibility for Retired Pay (20-year letter) or 15 year letter

-       DD Form 1883 or DD Form 2656-5 (Survivor’s Benefits Election Certificate)

-       Separation Order from the National Guard

-       NGB 23 (Retirement Points History Statement) (must show final date in the Guard)

-       NGB 22 (Report of Separation and Record of Service)

All documents are submitted to HRC email,

After the application and documents have been received by HRC, the process for retirement pay begins. This will also trigger the final retirement order (retired list order). Receipt of the final order can take 90-120 days after HRC submission. HRC will submit everything to Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS) to start your retirement pay. Receipt of retirement pay could take up to 180 days or longer.


For Retiring Airmen:

Airmen can submit a Retirement pay application up to 12 months prior to Age 60 or Early Age Retirement Date.

The following documents are needed:

-          DD Form 2656

-          20 year letter

-          Retired Reserve Order

Directions for Submission:

-          Go in your internet browser

-          Login with your DOD username and password you can create a DOD username and password (if you don't already have one)

-          Under the banner “I would like to” click on the following link: “Access the vPC Dashboard.”

NOTE: You are required to read and initial all the required pages concerning the retirement information. Once all pages are initialed, the vPC retirement application will populate.

-          Under the banner “Application Information” you are required to select the retirement you are requesting.

-          Complete prompted questions to upload DD 2656 and 20-year letter to ARPC

Retired ID Cards: You and your dependents will need new ID cards issued at a military installation. Please see the ID Card Office Online to locate the office near you, ID Card Office Online (  You will need to bring a retired list order from HRC (Army) or a retired order from “My Documents” on (Air Force)  


For Assistance with Retirement for Soldiers:
SSG Christopher Hoffman, Retirement Services Officer

Federal Civilian Retirement Assistance
Mrs. Teresa Foss

Ms. Canary Gipson


Tennessee Department of Veterans Services:


If you are a resident of Tennessee and a Veteran visit us to obtain information on State benefits, assist & advocate with VA claims, pre-register for Veteran cemeteries