Our Flag

The Tennessee Military Department flag was designed in 2007 to honor the brave Tennesseans who have served, and continue to serve, both their State and Nation as members of the Tennessee Military Department. The Military Department Flag was designed by Major (Ret) Randy D. Harris and echoes the colors of the National Flag of the United States and the Tennessee State Flag.  

The Tennessee Military Department Flag

The Tennessee Military Department flag design by Major (Ret) Randy D. Harris.

Description of the Tennessee Military Department flag:

  • The Tennessee Department of Military flag is designed to measure five feet by eight feet.  Additional sizes can be three feet by five feet, and four feet by six feet.
  • The body of the flag is to be Dark Blue (Pantone 289U).  As in the case of the Tennessee State flag, a six inch crimson bar (Pantone 186U) on the end farthest from the halyard relieves the sameness of the blue field and prevents the flag from showing too much blue when hanging limp.  A two inch white bar separates the blue and crimson fields.
  • A distinctive crest thirty-two inches in diameter will be centered on the blue field.  The crest is composed of a  two inch gold (Pantone 124U) circle.  Within the gold circle is a blue field with “TENNESSEE MILITARY DEPARTMENT” in white along the top arch.  The year of Tennessee’s admission as a state, “1796” in white is along the bottom arch of the circle.  Three white stars, representing the Three Grand Divisions of the State of Tennessee, and spaced equally on both sides of the “1796”, separate the wording.  A one inch gold (Pantone 124U) circle lies within the outer ring.  The interior of this circle is white.  Centered within the white field is a representation of the State of Tennessee, designed in the manner of the Tennessee State Flag.  A black and white line drawing of the “Minuteman”, the symbol of the National Guard, is centered within the white circle, in the foreground, and overlaps the inner gold circle at the top and bottom.  In the different sizes, the distinctive crest will be proportional to the appropriate size.