Substance Use Waived Treatment Costs

Substance Use Disorder Preferred Network

Substance use disorder involves excessive and compulsive use of alcohol or drugs like opioids or stimulants. It can cause health problems or disability. It may also limit your ability to meet responsibilities at work, school or home. Substance use disorder is a disease, not a failure of will or weakness of character. It can be serious and life-threatening, but it’s treatable. Many people recover by getting the proper care.

Health plan members who use certain preferred substance use treatment facilities can have their costs waived.

With Substance Use Disorder Preferred Network facility-based treatment:

  • The PPO member deductible and coinsurance is waived.
  • The CDHP member coinsurance is waived after meeting the deductible.
  • Copays, deductible and coinsurance will still apply for standard outpatient treatment services.

Click here for the Substance Use Disorder Preferred Facility Network list or call 855-Here4TN (855.437.3486) for immediate access to a licensed clinician and guidance to a qualified practitioner.