Request an Informal Conference

Any taxpayer who has received a notice of proposed assessment may request an informal conference. At the informal conference, the taxpayer can explain to a hearing officer why he or she thinks the proposed assessment is incorrect.

Not all taxpayers need a hearing officer to review the proposed assessment. The proposed assessment can usually be resolved quickly without an informal conference if the taxpayer:

  • Received an estimated assessment
  • Filed a return but did not pay all the tax reported as due on the return
  • Closed the business but has not closed the tax account
  • Was assessed only a penalty, with no additional tax due

For taxpayers whose issues cannot be resolved without a conference, the Department of Revenue will contact the taxpayer within ten days of the conference request to arrange a time and date for the conference to take place.

Click here to request an informal conference or see if your issue can be resolved without a conference.

A taxpayer must make a conference request in writing within 30 days from the date of the notice of proposed assessment.  The Hearing Office is excited to now offer in-person conferences via Microsoft Teams.  Contact us for more information. 

If you have any additional questions about the informal conference process, please call us at (615) 741-3810.  


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