Driver Education - Traffic School

Department of Safety and Homeland Security (TDOSHS) administers programs to help educate Tennessee drivers and improve their driving record.

Driver Improvement

Driver Improvement was established to monitor and evaluate adult and juvenile driver records based on point values assigned to accidents and/or convictions for moving traffic violations. A driver may be required to attend an 8-hour Defensive Driving School and/or have their driving privileges suspended when they have exceeded the number of points allowed.

Court Ordered Traffic Schools

If a Tennessee driver has been ordered by a court to attend a 4‐hour or 8‐hour Driver Education Course or has received correspondence instructing them to attend a course from the TDOSHS, click the link below to learn more about attending a Court Ordered Traffic School. 

Remove Speeding Points

Tennessee drivers may be eligible to remove points for a speeding conviction from their driving record by taking an approved Driver Education Course. Only the points will be removed, the conviction will remain.