Statistics & Research


Interactive information on Tennessee roadways for the current and previous years.

Crash Data

Tennessee traffic crash data and statistics regarding traffic fatalities, injury and property damage crashes, as well as crashes involving teens, seniors, alcohol, deer, and other contributing factors.


Crash predictive analytic maps and other crash-related maps.

Handgun Data

Annual Handgun Carry Permit Reports and current number of valid handgun carry permit holders in Tennessee.

TN Highway Patrol (THP) Activity

Tennessee Highway Patrol activity data and statistics regarding citations issued, crashes investigated, commercial vehicle inspections conducted, DUI arrests, etc.


Links to other valuable sources of traffic safety data and information.

Special Reports

Specialized reports and studies conducted by the Department of Safety including the TDOS Annual Report, Safety Belt Enforcement Report to the General Assembly and other specialized reports.

Historical Data

Historical statistics regarding Tennessee traffic crashes, fatalities, and other traffic safety data.


Tennessee’s Integrated Traffic Analysis Network, TITAN, is the State of Tennessee’s repository for traffic crash and surveillance reports completed by Tennessee law enforcement agencies and is available to law enforcement agencies only. Membership is required.

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