A Closer Look at Annexation in Tennessee

The 108th General Assembly eliminated unilateral, nonconsensual annexation with the enactment of Public Chapter 707, Acts of 2014, and strengthened the annexation moratorium established by Public Chapter 441, Acts of 2013. The 2014 Act extended the review of state policies governing comprehensive growth plans and changes in municipal boundaries begun by Public Chapter 441 on which the Commission released an interim report in December 2013.

Cities can annex property only with the written consent of the owner or by referendum. Cities can annex agricultural land only with written consent of the owner.

Note:  Content found in the pages below may differ slightly from the Commission’s January 2015 report, “Municipal Boundaries in Tennessee: Annexation and Growth Planning Policies after Public Chapter 707.”  Revisions have been made to update the web page content as needed since the report was published.  Where differences exist, consider the current web page to be the more accurate source of information.