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The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is Tennessee’s primary criminal investigative agency. In that role, the Bureau is responsible for providing support to local law enforcement agencies in joint investigations and investigate crimes at the request of the local District Attorneys General for each of the state’s 31 Judicial Districts.

There are two different ways. We have Original Jurisdiction to investigate crimes related to drugs, fugitives, public corruption, official misconduct, organized crime, illegal gambling, Medicaid provider fraud, patient abuse, social security administration fraud, cyber crime, domestic terrorism and employees or prospective employees of the Bureau or the Department of Safety. A second way we can become involved in a case is by Request, most often from a District Attorney General.

Issues that are related to the prosecution of a case should be directed to the courts or the District Attorney’s Office for that particular judicial district.

To subscribe to the our distribution list for releases, simply send an email to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.TN.GOV and type “Subscribe TBIMEDIA” in the message body. Generally, we issue news releases upon the arrest or booking of a subject implicated as a result of TBI casework. We post those on our website, our Facebook page, our Wordpress blog (to which you can subscribe), and to our Twitter account. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

Those are filed with the Clerk’s office or Court’s office for the county in which the indictment or arrest occurred.

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Absolutely. Check out the 'Media Contacts' page on the left for pictures and biographies of our Public Information Officers.

No. Though a lot of our work mirrors and complements the work of our federal partners, we have a unique charter and mission to serve the people of Tennessee. We also have unique laws guiding our work.

First, download, review, and complete TBI's Public Records Request form.

Once completed, return the form to TBI in one of three ways.

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