Second Look Commission

Public Chapter 1060 of the Acts of 2010 creates the Tennessee Second Look Commission (SLC) to review an appropriate sampling of cases involving a second or subsequent incident of severe child abuse in order to provide recommendations and findings to the General Assembly regarding whether or not severe child abuse cases are handled in a manner that provides adequate protection to the children of this state.

The SLC Commission is comprised of a diverse group of professionals dedicated to improving the lives of our children. Its findings and recommendations shall address all stages of investigating and attempting to remedy severe child abuse, including but not limited to:

  • The reporting, investigating and referring of alleged severe child abuse cases by state agencies and others;
  • The risk of severe child abuse victims being returned to the custody of the child's abuser or placed by the state in an environment where the child is at risk of being abused a second or subsequent time;
  • The procedures used by juvenile courts and courts exercising jurisdiction over criminal and civil child abuse, neglect and endangerment cases;
  • The laws, rules, or guidelines used to determine whether or not an alleged perpetrator of severe child abuse is to be prosecuted;
  • The causes of severe child abuse in Tennessee and any preventative measures that would reduce the number of severe child abuse cases in this state;
  • The manner in which severe child abuse data is collected and used by multiple agencies within the state; and
  • The representation provided to severe child abuse victims, including but not limited to, representation provided by attorneys, guardians, and advocates.

The Second Look Commission reports annually to the General Assembly on its work. It holds open meetings quarterly and closed investigatory meetings as needed. Reports and upcoming meeting dates and details are available on the TCCY calendar.  

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